Cradle and rock your spirited child!

Find out why the HowdaHUG is so beneficial for children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and has been dubbed "The Listening Chair" by more then one classroom.

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Home of the authentic HowdaHUG®, sensory chair for children, and HowdaSeat®, the original orthopedic chair for adults. Since 1988, our products have been synonomous with highest quality and innovative design. Each Howda chair is made from the best of American Basswood, handcrafted in the USA, and guaranteed for life.   
Read Our Story: Poking through a pile of discarded things, founder Leslie Novak discovered this "rolled up canvas thing." Learn how she brought the chair back to life . . . and in doing so, created a whole new industry of sensory and orthopedic products for children and adults.

Browse Our Endorsements: Find out why schools, parents, spas, health workers, and people needing serious orthopedic support rely on the Howda chairs -- and give them as gifts, as well. 

Custom Orders Welcome! For a lasting impression, add your business, company, or personal logo to your HowdaSeat or HowdaHUG.
Handcrafted in the USA 

Keeping to the historic origin of the seat, all Howda Seats and HowdaHUGs are manufactured using the same wood as the original seat upon which the design is based. Premium-grade canvas, with its tight weave and deeply saturated colors, stands up to years of washing, rolling, and storage. 

The close proximity to our manufacturer allows for constant quality control and design innovations, such as our adjustable straps and patented padding -- both of which provide for comfort and stability.

Your HowdaSeat and HowdaHUG come with a guarantee for your satisfaction, and a guarantee that all materials are earth-friendly. We stand by our product with pride and confidence, and appreciate your choosing us to bring a cherished, handsomely crafted product into your life.

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