HowdaHUG 2 Medium


For accommodating taller children, the HowdaHUG2 is narrower. Its adjustable straps can create a stronger HUG feeling. Like a squeeze! Additionally by adjusting the straps more loosely, it can adapt for growing kids. The smooth rocking and cradle-like comfort of the HowdaHUG1 portable seat contribute to less fidgeting, increased eye contact, more concentration, and all around peaceful sitting on ground or chair.

  • Lightweight and portable, the HowdaHUG 2 is great for home, school, or wherever kids need a supportive embrace!
  • Designed for “fidgety kids” who present a need for deep sensory input to find focus, calm and containment.
  • Produced with exterior cushioning where seat meets floor for smooth rocking.
  • Learn more about HowdaHUGS as a sensory tool at home and school hee

“We feel that the impact of the seat is awesome. Kids sit better and attend to group and lessons longer.”  – Diana S., Teacher, Columbus OH


    • Durable, lightweight, renewable basswood slats
    • 100% cotton chair canvas
    • Adjustable side straps
    • Handmade in New England with eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices.
    • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: The shearling cap cover for extra comfort around the shoulder blades and upper back.

DIMENSIONS: 14.5″ wide x 15″ high x 14.5″ deep.

Questions about fit? Call our customer service line at 978-462-6260 for help with finding the size that’s perfect for you.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 15 × 15 in
Hug2 Colors

Yellow-Red-Purple, Yellow-Red-Olive, Cobalt Blue