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HowdaSEATS For Adults

The most versatile, comfortable, and longest-lasting chairs you may ever sit in!

IN THE HOME OR OFFICE: Use the HowdaSEAT on any surface. It makes furniture better. Try it on a too-deep sofa cushion, lumpy outdoor furniture, unforgiving office chairs. You’ll love the difference and support!
ON THE ROAD: Don’t leave home without it! The HowdaSEAT is the perfect companion for outdoor activities and events. The ideal car seat for grown-ups … Makes kayaks and canoes more comfy … Ideal for picnics and music festival seating … A must for taking the ache out of stadium seating … TSA approved for making a cushier experience on airplane seats.
EASY DOES IT: A tug of the HowdaSEAT straps will adjust the “snug factor” of the seat to give you the perfect customized fit and lumbar support. Release the buckled straps to easily get in and out of a vehicle.

Available in three sizes

  • HowdaSeat Small is our smallest adult seat, built for adults with narrower, smaller frames.
  • HowdaSeat Medium is our standard size for most adults up to approximately 180 pounds.
  • HowdaSeat XL is our larger seat, with extra wood slats. This seat is roomier across the hips and back. 

Built entirely in America with all natural materials.

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