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HowdaSEAT Medium


The HowdaSEAT Medium is our standard size portable seat for most adults up to approximately 180 pounds. It is portable to take from house to office to outdoors. Roll up the HowdaSEAT to a newspaper size and carry it everything by its own strap or in one of our pouches or sling bags. It wraps around your body — stem to stern —  in a deep sensory embrace. Makes furniture more comfortable.

There is nothing like the HowdaSEAT portable seat to help reduce back and leg aches and pains. It will refresh the body when sitting on chairs and couches. It’s terrific on folding metal chairs at meetings and great for floor sitting!

And speaking of floor sitting:

To get down: Fold the seat in half and hold onto it, as a post, as you bend your knees and get down.

To get up: Fold it in half again, and use it to boost (push) yourself up.

TIP: Adding the cap cover makes it softer around the shoulder blades or at knee joints and is a great addition for taller people. Adding the shearling liner will make it slightly snugger and softer.


    • Durable, lightweight, renewable basswood slats
    • 100% cotton chair canvas
    • Adjustable side straps
    • Release buckles which make it easy to get in and out of the seat when used in vehicles and other tight settings.
    • Hand-made in New England using sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials.

DIMENSIONS: 16.5″ wide x 15″ high x 15″ deep.

Questions about fit? Call our customer service line at 978-462-6260 for help with finding the size that’s perfect for you.


Weight 3 lbs

Black, Cobalt, Forest Green, Purple, Moss, Natural, Red, Gray, Yellow