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NEW! HowdaSiTZ


The perfectly portable flexible solution for seats and chairs that don’t offer enough support! The HowdaSiTZ fosters good posture by helping you to sit properly on your sit bones, It’s easy to fold and use anywhere and is light as a feather, almost. No adjustments needed. Just fold and bring it everywhere.

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Introducing the cute and comfy HowdaSiTZ! Easy to fold and unfold, set up, and use for great butt or back support. (And it makes a nifty beach or picnic table to boot!) No buckles or adjustments needed. We created the HowdaSiTZ based on feedback from truckers, office workers, crafters, and others who want immediate portable support. If you need lumbar and spine support, use the HowdaSiTZ like a throw pillow behind your back. If you need support for the sitz bone and pelvic area, unfold it onto the seat of your office chair, car or truck seat, kitchen stools, etc.

Part of good posture is sitting properly on your sitz bones. The HowdaSiTZ supports sitz bones to absorb weight when you sit. Place the HowdaSiTZ on your couch, chair or car seat. It will substantially take weight off the sitz bones. There’s such a great reduction of pain, too, from sciatica and other back and bottom-sitting problems. Try it!

Made from the same quality materials as our iconic HowdaSEATS and HowdaHUGS: sturdy #8 cotton canvas, and lightweight but strong basswood slats perfectly spaced to accommodate adult frames. Available in Adult Regular and Adult XL (for wide/tall frames).



HowdaSiTZ color

Black, Natural, Moss, Forest Green, Red, Cobalt, Purple