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Fleece-Covered Weighted Lap Pad


Howda’s weighted lap pad for kids features a removable snuggly fleece cover. The 5-pound lap pad provides proprioceptive input and deep touch pressure that’s calming to childrens’ nervous systems, providing a focusing, organizing effect. A wonderful sensory tool for the classroom, car, at the dinner table, in restaurants… anywhere.

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Howda’s fleece-covered weighted lap pad for kids provides proprioceptive input calming to children’s nervous systems and a focusing, organizing effect. This weighted lap pad is wonderful for the classroom, car, at the dinner table, in restaurants … anywhere. It is a great self-regulation tool that can easily be taken and used wherever you go.

Our unique snuggly fleece slip cover features two tactile tabs to provide soft and bristly stimulation. The tactile velcro tabs add to an irresistable experience for kids with fidgety fingers and sensory needs.

The five-pound adjustable weighted lap pad is inserted into our snuggly nylon fleece washable slipcover. For greater coverage, remove the weighted pad from inside the fleece cover and disperse the weighted pellets so the pad extends to its full length.

RECOMMENDATION: For the ultimate sitting experience, sit in a HowdaHUG with the weighted lap pad in its fleece cover  centered on the lap. This makes a great combination of self-regulation tools to take wherever you go. (For portability, check out our water-resistant Deep-Pocket Sling Bag and our lightweight nylon pouch 

WEIGHT: 5 pounds.

DIMENSIONS – FLEECE COVER: 13″ wide x 10″ deep

DIMENSIONS – REMOVABLE INSERT: 10.5″ wide x 9″ deep folded. Fully extended 18″ wide x 9″ deep.

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