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Snowbird from Bavaria

Just came across this fantastic photo from our scrapbook. Thank you Michael Frankel, for sharing your story and including how you Howda in your Howda Seat!

Excerpt from Mamma Mia – Snowbird from Bavaria

“In the hour or so between sunset and the start of the first performance of Bomb-itty, the crowd mills around, some selecting lawn chairs while others spread blankets and picnic fare. Andy, the Director, goes around shaking hands with each crew member, uttering a few words of thanks for a job well done. I was seated in my Howda Seat alongside the control booth and next to Mark, the Set Designer. This had become my accustomed seat for the past five nights of rehearsals. I had become a guest fixture — known to the crew as the guy who lives on a boat. The Director also shook my hand thanking me for my devotion to the rehearsals. By the time opening night arrived, I had seen at least five full productions of the play.”

To read the complete article click here.

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